IMPORT Business

We import qualified and price-competitive products from various countries.

In particular, countries in Europe and Southeast Asia are our main customer of sourcing.

Don't waste any more time looking for qualified products having price competitiveness.

Simply tell us what kind of product you need, and we'll give you more value than you want, using our various sales networks and systems.

We'll help you focus on your business and achieve greater success.

EXPORT Business

We will help you export a wide range of quality products at competitive prices.

It creates greater value by exporting great products, products that everyone sees as well as those that they need to be widely known around the world.

Please put your wings on the infinite possibilities your product has.

We will help you demonstrate your ability and value in the global world.



We treat famous confectioneries and sugars from around the world, and products that are not yet known, in taste and quality, at competitive prices.

These products are imported and sourced using various distribution networks in Korea (Lotte Food, Lotte Confectionary, Large Mart, Small and Medium-sized Market, etc.) as our networking.


We always handle select food products as a whole idea of family eats.

In terms of taste and price, we offer a new and amazing experience using our global network of great food products.


With the concept of a beverage that can be enjoyed anywhere, we offer a wide range of quality drinks at competitive prices.

In particular, start a new, amazing, packaged deal with our food line.

It will definitely bring you more value than your customers imagine.


In addition to food products, we also handle machinery.

Based on our past experience with auto parts companies, we handle various donation items such as cars and buses. If you have any machine/parts you want, please do not hesitate to contact us.